Monday, March 14, 2005

memilih barang kampakan

yesterday i had a chance to go to vriva.. a famous automobile junk-yard located on sawangan.. about 25 km south of jakarta...

the junk-yard looks like an ordinary toko besi tua.. but when i went inside the place is quite shit big, dude...

so what do we do when we go to a junk-yard?

- first, check the general price for the thing we'd buy on an ordinary auto-shop. check the price for an original piece, KW1, and then KW2... usually for a fast moving, a junk-yard price can be about 1/8th of price of the original piece.. while for a slow moving, the price can reach as 1/3rd to one half the original price.. but that depends heavily on the quality of the stuff you'd buy.. after that, get the usual junk-yard price to your friends (or to your car user club or mailing list)...

- secondly, is possible, bring along your damaged stuff for a comparison... to make sure that the stuff you'd get is exactly identical.. or at least, physically compatible

- third, is possible also, bring along your mechanic... or the person who will install the stuff on your car... their quality check and the estimation of the stuff's quality can make a difference between easy-installation-process and satan-damnation-from-hell

- fourth, ask their opening price... and check with the stuff quality.. check also whether the stuff is complete or not... for example, when you are looking for throttle body of 4a-fe engine, the junk-yard may only provide you the ones with throttle position sensor only... or one with the idle speed sensor attached only... if the stuff is not complete, ask for a huge discount.. if they dont give you the discount, better take your business somewhere else, dude

- fifth, is possible, go to a least famous junk-yard.. while they have less stock, sometimes if you are in luck they might have just the stuff you need... and they usually dont put their opening price as high as the famous one..

- sixth, after you've bargain the price to the bottom, gently ask them for a warranty... they wont guarantee that the stuff will last as long as the original, but generally they will guarantee that it will perform as the original.. if such unfortunate thing happened, ask them to provide a replacement.. or if the don have one, get them to agree on a refund

good luck, bo..

have any comment or experience for junk-yard stuffs? please do comment, bro...


Blogger balq said...


misal beli mesin junk & ternyata jebol, pecah, belah 2 pula.. jgn lupa siapkan timbangan pasar utk di kiloin. hwahahaha..


1:17 PM  
Blogger kutubusuk said...

kejam sampeyan! wuahahahaha

2:22 PM  

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